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The best way for us to reach parents with this life-saving information is to work directly with schools, daycares, pediatricians–any organization with kids under 6.

Help us raise awareness.

Three easy steps

Here’s how it works:

7-Part Email Series

We provide a series of emails with great information and practical recommendations from the National Safety Council and others working to raise the alarm regarding hot car death. We simply send them to one or more people in your organization so they can be forwarded to your parents. No need to share your parent’s information with us.

Professionally Designed Flyers

We give you flyers printed on premium card stock complete with a small stand. We ask that you place them where parents can see them or to proactively pass them out.

Sponsor DropPop™ for your parents.

DropPop™ will alert your parents if their child has not been dropped when and where they were expected to be. If you would like to sponsor DropPop™, we will create a sponsor code for your organization. Your parents can use this code when they set up DropPop™ which will upgrade them with a Guardian account. Sponsorship is not a requirement for our partners–though most of our partners are sponsoring DropPop™ for their parents. It’s a great value-add for your organization.

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