Where do child hot car deaths occur?
There have been child hot car deaths in 47 of 50 states.

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Where do child hot car deaths occur?

No state is immune from these tragedies, though 3 states have been lucky enough to not suffer a hot car fatality. Obviously the hot states throughout the south and south-west see the most cases.

What you can do

Have an action plan for a “break in your routine".

Recognizing even a short-notice routine break is critical. Have a set plan for calling each other to confirm drop-off or pickup.

Adopt the “Left-Shoe Reminder” and the “Bag in the Back” habit.

For more on these, visit www.droppop.app/for-parents

Look before you lock!

Make “Look Before You Lock” a routine. Be sure that all occupants leave the vehicle when unloading; above all, do not overlook sleeping babies who are the most frequent vehicular heatstroke victims.

Setup the DropPop™ app on your phone.

DropPop™ will alert you if your child has not been dropped when and where you expected them to be. Please download DropPop™ and use sponsor code[[data:sponsor_code:""]] to enable your free account provided by [[data:sponsor_name:""]].


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